Working At MCIC
Working At MCIC

MCIC offers its employees a unique, performance based culture that offers each employee rewards and benefits commensurate with their individual performance, the performance of their team and the success of the company overall.  As a company, we are committed to fulfilling our mission in providing our Subscribers with stable and cost effective insurance coverage and the highest level of customer service and care.  Our employees are individuals who share our commitment and have high standards of excellence.

The company strongly believes in providing its employees with opportunities for training, development and advancement.  We believe in ensuring that our employees have the right resources to perform their jobs and to maximize their productivity.  Our company values professional collaboration, teamwork and camaraderie.

Our work environment and dress code is “dressy” business casual most of the year except for the summer where regular business casual attire is permitted.  Consistently in our employee satisfaction surveys, our employees have said they were satisfied or very satisfied working here and more than 95% rate MCIC as “more than just a place to work”.